Longtime Biz Buzz followers might remember about 10 years ago when Gander Mountain axed plans to open a store at Baybrook Gateway Shopping Center, on the southeast quadrant of Interstate 45 and West Bay Area Boulevard.

I never found out why the St. Paul, Minn.-based company changed its plans in 2004.

But now I wonder whether the company, which is known for it outdoor equipment, clothing and shoes, is having second thoughts?

Rumors are making the rounds that the retailer of hunting, fishing, camping and marine gear is planning a store in the vicinity of Baybrook Mall.

Being from Texas, I’m partial to Academy Sports & Outdoors, but also like to stock up for camping or outdoor activities at REI.

And I know there are a lot of readers in this market who would love to see a Bass Pro Shop move to Galveston County, or at least the Clear Lake area.

Where do you get your outdoor gear? Where’s your next outdoor trip? And would you like to see a Gander Mountain near you?

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Centerpointe Moderator

If memory serves, that massive Bass Pro store ended up in Pearland several years ago because Pearland offered a better tax incentives package than League City did. Someone correct me if I'm mistaken.

REI is wonderful - it's like the Whole Foods of camping equipment. The reason why there's not as much stuff in REI stores as there is in some camping outfitters is that they've already done the headwork for you. They've already weeded out a lot of less well-designed and less reliable options in any given product category, so you don't have to waste time going through that process of elimination.

Steve Fouga

I would de

Steve Fouga

Hmmm... Where was I?

I would definitely shop at a Gander Mountain anywhere within 50 miles of the Island. I already make the trek to Bass Pro (which I prefer to Gander) and FTU pretty regularly. Personally I'd prefer a Tanger location to anything further north, however.

As it stands, I hit the Galveston Academy every week or so...

Frank Emmite

There is a big one at 288 and the Sam Houston Toll Road (Beltway 8)

Steve Fouga


Ellen Morrison

Yes, take the SH tollway, it's on the west side. Can't miss it.

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