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Lynn Leonhardt

There was a DD in Texas City on Palmer Hwy. Late 60's or 70's.

lauraelder Staff
Laura Elder

I wonder why it closed. I will try to find out more for Thursday's Biz Buzz column.

Gary Miller

Was that where Shipleys started?
In the 40's a donut bakery was on Texas Ave. Tween 2nd & 3rd st. The delivey guy used to leave a box of donuts for us kids rolling papers under the Jewel theater lights. The milk man would give us pints of milk in the old glass bottles with paper caps.
Course we gave them a copy of the daily paper. Two 5 cent papers for a donut and milk breakfast was a good deal for us.
In the winter we had tolit paper kerosine heaters to warm our hands.
A pie plate full of kerosine with a tolit paper wick will burn a hour. Nubby the lone TC night patrol cop made sure we were careful with them.
We suspected he wanted to warm his hands and gloves cause his 39 chevy coupe didn't have a heater.

Lynn Leonhardt

I think it was where the Compass Bank at 2131 Palmer Hwy is now.

Frank Emmite

I lived in TC at the time and word was there were drugs involved.[sad]

Gary Miller

Just what I need.
Another place with yummy calories. Bet ya can't eat just one. LOL
If I could get a cup of coffee without giving in to the donuts I'd say welcome to the county.
Their coffee is so good it's worth a donut attack.

Michael Sabanovich

YaY! Whenever I go into the office in Houston I stop by the River Oaks Dunkin Donuts on S. Shepherd and grab a couple dozen for my co-workers. They are soooo delicious and have made me pretty popular, lol.. I'm so glad to get one close to Galveston. Can't wait!

John Ferguson Staff
John Wayne Ferguson

I'm the nameless co-worker. And I welcome the Dunkin' overlords with open arms. The doughnuts are one thing, but as a native New Englander, I was basically born with the coffee in my veins.

Steve Fouga

I guess I've eaten hundreds of Dunkin' Donuts. But now that I live on the island, I get my pastries at Navarro Bakery -- sometimes donuts, more often fried pies.


Coffee Coffee Coffee!

Melvin Green

Yes, the coffee and ice coffee!!! There is one on every corner in RI! Yes!!!!

Melvin Green

Forgot...they also have very healthy breakfast besides donuts! Several choices. I found my daughter's trick not to buy the donuts...use the drive thru!

Cindi Mayville

WOO-HOO - Bring on the Crack.....I mean the DUNKIN COFFEE!!!!!!!!

Harry Allen

Dunkin Donuts has great coffee! I am not a huge fan of their donuts - I truly prefer Shipley and I find DD to be a bit heavy. But as one other person mentioned already, they have some great alternatives to the donuts like the breakfast sandwiches which are very yummy!

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