Being furloughed is stressful. You don’t know when you’ll resume work or see a paycheck again.

That’s the situation for thousands of federal employees in and around the county who are going without pay, forced to stay home since Oct. 1, when an impasse over the Obama Administration’s controversial Affordable Care Act resulted in a government shut down.

But some area businesses are working to ease the stress for affected federal workers, offering freebies or discounts.

And what better way to ease some tension than yoga?

The Yoga Haven, 2507 Market St. in the island’s downtown, invites any furloughed government employees to try any of its regularly scheduled classes and ask for the Furlough Free class, owner Kathleen DiNatale said.

Many of The Yoga Haven students, and one of the teachers, are employees of such agencies as NASA, The U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, the U.S. Coast Guard and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, DiNatale said.

“We want people who are affected by the shut down to use yoga as a way to relax and stay strong while they have this free time,” DiNatale said.

Visit the for class schedules.

Meanwhile, the Hilton Galveston Island Resort, 5400 Seawall Blvd. on the island, is offering furloughed employees a chance to relax this weekens with a special $99 rate today (Friday) and Saturday only.

The offer is good for any government employee not working because of the furlough. You must present a government ID at check-in to receive the special rate.  

To secure a reservation, call 409-744-5000 and ask for code GOPO.

If you or any businesses you know are offering freebies and discounts for furloughed employees, please post here.

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