The closure of island eatery Flamingo Steak and Seafood has caused quite a stir.

But owner Bob Greig promises it’s only temporary and will result in a transformation of the restaurant, which opened just a little less than a year ago at 6028 Heards Lane. 

And while Greig denied rumors Flamingo would return as a Hooters- or Twin Peaks- style “breastaurant," he said the eatery would appeal to men who would want to hang out to watch sports or play a game of darts or shoot some pool.

Flamingo will be closed for about two weeks as crews work to install more TVs, change the lighting and seating and make other renovations that would transform Flamingo into a more casual establishment catering to men, Greig said.

Changes would include adding pool tables and dartboards in a venue that would encourage tournaments, Greig said.

While the eatery still will serve some steaks and seafood, the menu will be more casual and guy friendly, Greig said.

Renovations also will include more space for live entertainment, Greig said.

Flamingo opened in October last year to good reviews. Are you a fan and what do you think of the proposed changes?


(4) comments

Vandy Anderson

Brett was the key. When he was "reassigned" it was never as or service.

Raymond Lewis

Some thing is 'ghostly' about that place. No business seems to make it for very long no matter what.

Debra Criss

went a couple of times, found the service good and the food mediocre

Kathryn Cowman

Beautiful view. It's a shame they don't have more outdoor seating (covered with fans). Hopeful it is a success this time!

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