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Lars Faltskog

IMHO, life on the island is a double-edged sword. Folks are friendly and, unlike Houston, you will likely see someone pretty often if you circulate toward the five and dimes or popular eateries. It's just so easy to "run into" someone. By and large, our craftsmen houses with nice porches and the way folks walk their dogs and exchange pleasentries.. all of these are the"positives".

However, I'll use the "walk the dog" issue to illustrate some of the negatives. Because we run so well with familiarity, when someone is angry with, let's say, another person's loose dog, that angry person (because of the familiarity) will express his/her anger much more easily. This applies to other run-of-the-mill things. I notice here on the island that folks are pretty quick to express their dissatisfaction at retail places, et cetera. In other words, "no holds barred".

So, the familiarity has its ups and downs. I'll have to agree: we have a lot of bars here. It's so easy to find a good time on the island. Then again, many have too good of a time. Ipso facto, look at the mugshot websites. A lot of folks get into trouble around here.

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