Frothy market

Starbucks has a caffeinated crush on League City, opening two new shops in one week.

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League City got a double shot of new coffee shops this week, while losing an old one.

Starbucks this week opened a new shop at 2454 Marina Bay Drive and another at state Highway 96 and South Shore Harbor.

But the Seattle-based closed a more than decade-old Starbucks at 2800 Marina Bay Drive.

After it all shook out, League City had six Starbucks, when you count those in Target, Kroger, Randalls and one in the shopping center at Interstate 45 and FM 646, Owen Rock, economic development manager for the city, noted.

Which Starbucks, if any, do you frequent in League City? What's your usual order?

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Stefani Mazdanotta

I don't like Starbucks coffee at all.

Victor Krc

What I don't like is that dumb Ashley Furniture advert flashing in my face each time I go to a different page and try to read something. I am paying for this?

Centerpointe Moderator

There are complaint threads about the banner ad on other stories. My guess is that every paying reader of this newspaper will boycott Ashley at a minimum.

Even Chron's banner ads are not as intrusive as this one. Generally with Chron, you get one nasty banner when you access the homepage for the first time, and then it's over for the rest of your browsing session (and that's for NON-paying access - there is no such atrocity with the pay site).

Kevin Lang

I tried to set up a firewall rule, but, the website that hosts the ads, seems to host all of the paper's formatting, too. That ad is a complete and utter obnoxious joke on us. I feel like trying to figure out how to robocall Mattressland with repeated calls telling them how obnoxious their ad is, but I have a feeling they might take that as a compliment.

Laura, is it too late to ad this type of add to the "airing of the grievances"?

lauraelder Staff
Laura Elder

Hi everyone,
I sent a note to the ad manager and others here after seeing these posts. I'll let you know what I hear. Kevin, I think you could certainly add this to Airing of the Grievances!

Kevin Lang

Laura, thanks for wielding your clout. Turning off that ad makes things much more pleasant. At least on my browser now, I'm seeing some web code displayed at the top of the page. Some kind of "jQuery" call is what it looks like. Not the worst thing to deal with, and I'll deal with it forever if it keeps the obnoxious ad away.

lauraelder Staff
Laura Elder

Hi Kevin,
I have reported that issue also to our IT director and he's aware of it. It's my understanding someone is working on it. Stay tuned.

lauraelder Staff
Laura Elder

P.S. I don't think I had anything to do with the ad coming down. But I did pass on the concerns.

lauraelder Staff
Laura Elder

And it looks like the website is fixed.

Frank Emmite

The thing I really love at Starbucks is the iced Chi Latte. The others I can get at Mc Donalds much cheaper and, I think, just as good for a lot less.

Lars Faltskog

Thank the Gods that there is no more Trashley banner ads. Thank you, GDN employees for coming up to bat for our readers. Now, this query error thing is contricating a lot of headlines. Aargh.

As for Starbucks, to each his own, and thank goodness there's freedom to buy overpriced products within countless tract suburbia. I, for one, do not frequent any Starbucks at all in League City nor anywhere else. I've read these stories where there's one on one side of a city block and another one on the opposite side. Big deal.

I do admit I got sucked into the Keurig Vue coffee maker and it's accessories. That's as exotic as I'll ever get. Still trying to learn how to put that mocha foam on it. Maybe one day. I still like regular black Kroger breakfast blend coffee, no frills.

Rick Wade

My daughter and I used to go to the Starbucks across the street from Randall's on Marina Bay Dr. But since it closed after 13 years we will be going the new one across the street from Clear Creek Intermediate on Marina Bay Dr.
There is a reason why there are quite a few Starbucks around. There is a market for them. There are lines inside or at the drive through
. I also have a Keureg coffee machine at home and in my office. My clients love my machine at the office. I go to quite a few functions for various organizations and Starbucks baskets and gift cards are very popular as door prizes. I myself have donated Starbucks gift baskets and Keureg machines to various organizations for drawings and door prizes. This proves that there is a huge market for this business. There is not a time that I have walked into the Marina Bay Dr Starbucks and there is no one sitting in a chair relaxing and reading a book or on the internet. Manyeople also go there to meet someone or people conducting business there. I have had many business meetings there myself. The people who do not like Starbucks are actually a minority.
Why do people hijack a blog post to air grievances that has nothing to do with the original post? That will be a great posting queßtion.

Virginia Thomason

The Starbucks locations - new or old - are not convenient for all of League City. I'd like the company to consider some properties west of 45, like in my neighborhood.

Eric Kemp

When do we get the Dunkin Donuts?

Rick Wade

Dunkin Donuts is supposed to go in next to the new Marina Bay Starbucks.

Stephen Maradeo

Seems to be more buzz about Mattressland than Starbucks.

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