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Gary Miller

Products Cosco, Target and Wal*Mart couldn't sell?
Why not dump them on low income residents?
Do you expect them to end up in a land fill?

Lars Faltskog

Well, I wouldn't be able to tell one dollar store from another dollar tree/discount/dollar days store if my life depended on it. They're all seemingly the same, from the floorplans to the deep freeze ice cream bar by the exits.

I don't really have much use for dollar stores. They are OK if you want to pick up a multipack roll of toilet paper or maybe to grab a can of mixed nuts in the p.m. if you forgot to put mixed nuts and toilet paper on the list when you went to the grocery store the previous morning.

Dollar stores don't have fresh produce or an in-house pharmacy. Some do have key-making machines. Some of their summer promo items are fantabuloso. Last summer I found a plastic water sprinkler attachment that looks like Puff the Magic Dragon.


I don't call Dollar General or Family Dollar 'dollar' stores, they are just small town general stores. Dollar Tree actually only charges a dollar for everything. I wish we had a '99cent only'' store like in Houston, the have produce and frozen food.

Steve Fouga

I'll be honest: I can't stand them, and I haven't tried them.

I realize this is hypocritical.

I'll visit the one on 45th tomorrow, so I'll be better informed. Now that Lars has mentioned cheap toilet paper, I have to check it out. My favorite TP is Costco's house brand, but that's 75 miles away. Sam's doesn't have anything comparable. So now I'm on a dollar-store quest for the perfect cheap TP. And since Galveston is a hotbed of dollar stores, I could be in luck!

Mike Leahy

Let us know if the TP at the 45th St. store is "fantabuloso". It is near my tailor and dentist so, may this prove to be useful news.

Fantabuloso. Man, I just love that word.

It reminds me of the Diva's patented "Snazienda".

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