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Ellen Morrison

I haven't been there in over a year, so I can't speak of any changes noted (although I have seen fewer cars there recently), but my favorite there was always the flour tortillas - and I have a funny story about them.

The first time I ate there, I asked for more tortillas when I ordered my breakfast plate. The waitress looked at me funny, so I clarified, saying I'd like 3 more. She really looked at me funny, but nodded and walked away. Guess who was surprised! I ate those 3 extra enormous tortillas for a week.

Stephen Maradeo

Last time I went was around Dickens time for breakfast and the breakfast burrito was terrible. And had a long hair in it. [thumbdown]

But because that place was such a fav for so many years, I will give it another try since the management changed. I just hope the quality is how it was for so many years before my last Surprise!

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