When I arrived in Galveston nearly 12 years ago, one of the first restaurants my husband dragged me to was La Estacion downtown. He had worked on the island more than a year before I did and was a big fan.

I immediately was a convert, too. It was a place that focused on food over frills. What I really liked was the breakfast. Everyone who reads this blogs knows I’m big fan of breakfast, particularly Tex-Mex style.

So, I was surprised to hear that La Estacion, 2428 Ball St., recently closed for a couple of days. The closure happened after a change in management.

Gloria Mulvaney is again running the show. Mulvaney, whose family bought the 22-year-old eatery in 2005, had for about a year leased La Estacion to another manager. But that manager, who some longtime patrons didn’t warm up to, is no longer there. The eatery was closed a few days during the transition, but is again serving up Mexican fare.

And Mulvaney wants everyone to know she has returned and she hopes former loyal patrons do, too. The restaurant is open for breakfast and lunch. It’s known for its huge breakfast burritos, crispy tacos and enchiladas.

My days of unabashed consumption of Tex-Mex food are behind me. I choose my carbs carefully, now. So, I can’t say I had been to La Estacion with much frequency in recent years. But it’s one of those places you like to know is there.

Do you plan to return? Or did you ever leave? What’s your favorite La Estacion dish?

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Ellen Morrison

I haven't been there in over a year, so I can't speak of any changes noted (although I have seen fewer cars there recently), but my favorite there was always the flour tortillas - and I have a funny story about them.

The first time I ate there, I asked for more tortillas when I ordered my breakfast plate. The waitress looked at me funny, so I clarified, saying I'd like 3 more. She really looked at me funny, but nodded and walked away. Guess who was surprised! I ate those 3 extra enormous tortillas for a week.

Stephen Maradeo

Last time I went was around Dickens time for breakfast and the breakfast burrito was terrible. And had a long hair in it. [thumbdown]

But because that place was such a fav for so many years, I will give it another try since the management changed. I just hope the quality is how it was for so many years before my last Surprise!

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