Fuzzy's Taco Shop

Fuzzy's tacos are laced with feta cheese and signature sauce. The Fort Worth-based chain is rumored to be scouting island sites.

Courtesy photo/Fuzzy's Taco Shop

Two popular food concepts are setting the table for Clear Lake area eateries, while another is rumored to be scouting an island site.

Here’s a sneak peek of Tuesday’s Biz Buzz. If you’ve tried any of the concepts, please give us a taste of what to expect.

•  First, fast, casual restaurant chain Zoës Kitchen is planning an eatery in the Baybrook Village shopping center, 1507 W. Bay Area Blvd. The Birmingham, Ala.-based chain serves up Mediterranean-inspired comfort foods using fresh ingredients and made-from-scratch recipes. The concept offers fresh, gourmet sandwiches, salads, pitas, hot entrees and chicken or steak roll-ups. The Zoës Kitchen chain has grown to more than 70 restaurants in 12 states with plans for more expansion. No word on an opening date.

• Meanwhile, frozen yogurt and smoothie purveyor Red Mango also is planning to scoop up a site in Baybrook Village shopping center. Along with all-natural frozen yogurt and fruit smoothies, Dallas-based Red Mango also is known for yogurt parfaits and probiotic iced teas. Red Mango has more than 200 shops in North America. Opening date information wasn’t immediately available.

• Rumor has it that popular chain Fuzzy’s Taco Shop is scouting for an island site. Officials with the Fort Worth chain, however, say there’s “no paperwork” in the works as of yet and declined to confirm the rumor. Fuzzy’s started on Berry Street in Fort Worth before father and son restaurateurs Alan and Chuck Bush bought it in 2003. After revamping the original store, they commenced expansion. Fuzzy’s tacos are laced with feta and a signature sauce. The Baja-style tacos have a cultlike following. The chain has spread to 11 states with 60 stores.



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Steve Fouga

My sister, a health buff wealthy enough to eat anywhere, chooses Zoe's more often than not. I don't quite "get" Zoe's, but every time I'm in one it's packed.

Fuzzy's is incredibly popular in Fort Worth. It's okay, but IMO it wouldn't be in the upper half of Island restaurants. Better than Taco Bell, but nothing like a real Mexican restaurant.

Valerie Carmichael

A question versus a comment (is there somewhere else to send you messages?) ... If you have previously covered this, I apologize... do you know what is going on at the old "Luke's" location on Harborside? Its the first major sign of activity that I've noticed since Ike...

lauraelder Staff
Laura Elder

You can always send messages to laura.elder@galvnews.com but this is fine, too. I haven't covered this yet, but will try to find out Thanks for the tip. I'll keep you posted.

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