Bye bye building

Crews earlier this month demolished the former building of The Arts Alliance Center at Clear Lake at 2000 NASA Parkway to make way for a Valero gas station. 

Courtesy photo/Katherine Adams

Crews earlier this month demolished an old Nassau Bay building. A Valero gas station will rise in its place.

I’m working on finding out more history of the building, 2000 NASA Parkway.

It most recently was occupied by The Arts Alliance Center at Clear Lake, but before that was reportedly home to Nassau Bay Bank. (If anyone has the full history of the building, please let me know.)

In 2012, The Arts Alliance Center at Clear Lake posted on its website it would be leaving the building to “fine-tune strategy to better accomplish its mission of bringing arts and the community together."

I’m not sure whether the building had any historic significance, but I thought its demolition was worth noting.

Does anyone out there know more about the building’s history?

Are you sad to see the building go?

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tim rice

Sad to see it go down. It was originally Nassau Bay National Bank. I opened my first savings account there in the early 70's. It remained a bank, changing names a few times as all the mergers and buy-outs took place. First Interstate, Nations Bank, Bank of America as best as I remember. I'm sure the shopping center behind it will be the next to go.

Eric Kemp

There has been ground broken on Marina Bay Drive League City, next to the Whataburger and car wash. Any idea what that is?

tim rice

Dunkin Donuts

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