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Steve Fouga

Laura, like so many other stores in that area Fresh Market will be a target of opportunity whenever I'm that far north.

I wonder what differentiates their produce, meats, and baked goods from the products we buy at Kroger, Randall's, or the Farmer's Market here on the Island. Variety? Quality? Price? Unless the difference is dramatic, I doubt I'll make it a regular destination.


Galveston could use something like this. With out summer crowds fresh produce is always welcomed. As it is I drive to Houston for my needs. The HEB at 646 is out closest to a wide variety of produce. I am not the only one driving from Galveston.

Melvin Herrmann

I like going to fresh market places for my produce instead of grocery stores because it lasts longer. I usually drive to Alvin to Froburgs Fruit and Vegetable farm. They have been around for many years and always have good fresh produce. I would be willing to drive further to get produce that is fresher and will last longer.

Marge Laney

YES!! I'm sick of driving into town every weekend to shop at Whole Foods! What is it about our area that makes Whole Foods and others like them stay away?

I do think that the location Fresh Market chose is curious at best. Fighting mall traffic to go grocery shopping could turn some potential customers off.

There's a lot of pent up demand in the Clear Lake area for great grocers that specialize in organics. I hope this is just the beginning!

Steve Fouga

"What is it about our area that makes Whole Foods and others like them stay away?"

A perception that the local clientele can't afford the prices, and won't appreciate the quality of their products more than cheaper, low-quality items from stores like HEB, Kroger, Randall's, Target, etc.

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