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Tim Thompson

Daniel Johnston: "Don't let the sun go down on your grievience."

1) government gridlock, i remember the days when both parties, even though they disagreed, would at least try to work together to pass legislation for the common good . . . hah, what a laugh, apparently that's no longer the case.

2) littering, especially downtown. even though there are trash cans on almost every corner, some people apparently can't be bothered to throw their trash away, it seems it requires too much effort.

3) the fact that some people apparently use the stairwells in the Frost Garage as a urinal.

4) the numerous intersections in town where there is either too much shrubbery (Knights Who Say Ni) or cars park right up to the corner, so that the view of the main intersection is pretty much obstructed, necessitating one having to creep, oh so carefully & slowly, into the intersection to make sure there's no cars coming, from either direction that will T-bone you. the intersection of Post Office and 14th street is one example that comes to mind. on that note, i totally applaud the City putting in all the wheelchair ramps at many of the city's street corners, kudos on that.

George Croix

'Fundamental change'.
Hasn't quite lived up to it's billing...[lol]

Mary Branum

Parking of vehicles in yards! At least respect your neighbors and get vehicles out of the yards and on the street or in driveways,
This is against the law. However, Code Enforcement says the police need to ticket and the police say Code Enforcement should ticket.
The City could have a much cleaner appearance than a 3rd world country if cars were not in yards.

I second tethomps regarding litter. Trash is everywhere. If you have no respect for yourself, at least respect the neighbors and dispose of your own trash in the proper receptacle!

Blanca Bell

Waiting behind someone who thinks they are the only person in the world at the drink station. Grab you lid and sweet & low and make your drink at the table. Dont hold up the entire restaurant while you get your drink just right.

Raymond Lewis

Coal in the stockings of those who use of the word 'you're' and 'your' incorrectly. Aarrgh!

Steve Fouga

I know this was listed last year, but here it is again: I don't like the limited and inconsistent business hours of Island restaurants. Some open early but close by 2:00 or 3:00. Some open late and still close by 2 or 3. Some that are open in the evening close by 7:00. Some are open for lunch and dinner but not in between. Some are closed weekends. Some are only open weekends. Some change their hours seasonally. Some go on vacation. Some make it clear by their attitude that they don't want you showing up within 30 minutes of their siesta-hour closing time. A few stalwarts have hours that would be considered "normal" by Houston or Dallas standards.

Taken individually, it's possible to see each restaurant's logic. But taken as a whole, Galveston has goofy and confusing business hours.

Susan Syler

The fact that the island has no recycling cans right next to the trash cans on the beach. I bet 75% of trash people throw into the trash cans on the beach are cans and plastic bottles. Galveston should quit adding these to its landfill and recycle them. And while I'm on the subject, there should be recycling cans at all the island festivals.

Andy Aycoth

News stations or papers that are only trying to express their view and not report the news objectively .

Dan Freeman

Irksome phrases, words and symbols:
"no problem" instead of "you are welcome"
"At the end of the day" instead of I have run out of pointless things to say"
Amazing for the ordinary
Fabulous for the ordinary
Spectacular for the ordinary
You know when you do not
Whatever for anything
Tweeter argot.

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