Since I’ve been ranting about Comcast issues, I thought I would offer an update in the spirit of fairness.

After unplugging the power and the coaxial cable and plugging them back in again on Sunday, I haven’t had the issue of programs in On Demand freezing or pixellating.

I hope the issue has been resolved. Comcast has offered to send out a technician to troubleshoot, but my schedule is pretty packed in the next few weeks. I don’t have a few hours to set aside. But I will take Comcast up on the offer, if it becomes an issue again.

Last night, I happily watched Downtown Abbey without any glitches and hope to watch True Detective (Is anyone else there a big fan?) tonight without any problems.

On Demand is pretty important to me because I never watch a show in its regularly scheduled time. I like “catchup” options. How about you?

Stay tuned.


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Robert Mihovil

We should all ask Comcast for an adjustment on our bill for the 8 days that we had poor service. I tried calling Comcast yesterday and was put on hold for over 45 minutes. I finally gave up and press #2 to leave a message and the recording said that the mailbox was full, then disconnected. Robert Mihovil

lauraelder Staff
Laura Elder

Robert, are you still having the issues of On Demand freezing?

Tanya Fabian

why is this even in the newspaper.. kinda like the huge ice storm.
no show....wish you guys would get out of the small town mode.

Lars Faltskog

That Mc Ice Storm packed a whallop! My rubber trees look dreadful.

Raymond Lewis

Gave up on them long ago. There seems to be no connection between service and customer service at this place. It is a horribly run corporation that keeps allowing good people to do not so good things.

Stephen Maradeo

Just don't go in person to Comcast on 646. The wait is worse than DPS.

Lars Faltskog

Free digital TV with a good outdoor antenna is the way to go. That way, you can get hundreds of channels and be entertained, and pay no monthly bills for the mostly ignorant shows presented anyway on the boob tube. To insert different words to the George Strait song: No cable, no satellite. No problem.

Kristen Catching

Our Comcast Internet connection has been extremely bad the last few days.

JD Arnold

Trying to get any problem resolved on the phone is so frustrating. That stupid robophone system just sends you in an endless loop of non action and its impossible to get to an actual human being.

Chris Tucker

Last year about this time I was reviewing all of my personal financial items and realized the Comcast bundle (phone, internet & cable TV for multiple rooms) was in excess of $250 per month which calculated to more than $3000 per year!

I got rid of everything but the internet and now can watch almost everything I nornally did for free online whenever it fits my schedule.

As a result a couple of things happened.

I enjoy my personal time more than ever.

I interact more with the people around me.

There is less mind numbing background noise.

I read more than ever before.

I used the savings to take a enjoyable vacation.

Best single thing I ever did was to disconnect from Comcast.

And I agree with those who feel Comcast's customer service is at best...lacking!

Disconnect and take back your life!

Jim Forsythe

We got rid of cable 27 years ago . The bad service we received was the reason, plus the cost. We have a indoor power antenna . Have not missed it at all.

Lars Faltskog

Response to tlfabian posted at 5:46 pm on Tue, Jan 28, 2014:

ROTFL - I think part of the charm of the GDN is to see what kinds of stories "make" it to print. I'm still reeling from the stories a couple of years ago when an "acquaintance" got angry with the other guy and knocked over his barbecuer. Or, when one member of a family stashed a couple of thousands of dollars in one of their sock drawers, and the money somehow "mysteriously" disappeared.

You can't find stories like that in the Wall Street Journal.

Claire Reiswerg

We have been frustrated with Comcast for many years. It is a super large corporation that makes it mark by running on inefficiency, poor service and inadequate infrastructure...the worst part is that we keep paying for it. After reading the comments, I decided that I'm going to research getting all our TV programming via internet.

Ellen Morrison

Well, I wanted to comment on the other blog post (yes, tlfabian, it is a blog post, and therefore not "news", but an interaction with the readers), but there was some glitch where it wanted me to subscribe...

Anyway. We're not big TV-watchers. Had cable when we lived up north because of some of the HBO series and the long winters. Didn't watch much other than HBO and HGTV and some PBS, but did subscribe to Netflix for DVDs.

Moved down here without a TV and didn't buy one for almost 5 years. I had surgery and bought a personal DVD player and resubscribed to Netflix for DVDs.

We later bought a small (22") TV with DVD player built in and kept the Netflix. Then we bought a ROKU player and added streaming over the house DSL wireless.

We get our HBO series, and just about anything else we want. The DSL is about $45/month (which we have anyway for internet service and therefore music) and Netflix is $22 these days (2 DVDs and unlimited streaming).

Cable is a monopolistic rip-off. We don't feel deprived, and I often feel stunned when I hear how attached some people are to current TV and how much they watch it.

We generally watch about 8-10 hours/week of something; that is seasonally variable and almost always after dinner... and doesn't account for some binge-watching sessions of new releases!

lauraelder Staff
Laura Elder

We have ROKU and there really aren't any network TV programs I watch anymore. But I do like some HBO and Showtime series. Some of those programs eventually end up on Netflix so I think I might consider my options. I usually have time to watch about one hour of TV at night and so I like it to be good.

Blanca Bell

If you want to get rid of Comcast I recomend Directv. I have been a subscriber since 2000 and the picture quality is unmatched. Don't beleive the person who says it goes out in every rain storm, because it doesn't. The rain storm has to be very bad to lose the signal and as soon as it passes the picture pops back on. Well worth the price and you can talk to a CSR 24 -7 if need be.

Brad Gulick

Comcast (communist cast???) Xfinity is horrible, in my opinion. I have traveled around the world and have had better cable service in 3rd world countries. Galveston needs and deserves capitalist competition with a land line cable provider competitor.
Until that happens we are slaves to the Comcast Xfinity substandard service, in my opinion, of course.
Laura Elder - you are our voice. Be the great journalist you are and be the Erin Brochovich of protecting the public from Cable TV service. We are counting on you!!

Victor Krc

I am coming in late to this Blog, but I thought that I would contribute my two pence.

I cut the cord to Comcast cable television a couple of years ago and I must admit to going through withdrawal for a couple of months. I still have my Internet connectivity through Comcast and it is adequate.

I grew tired of paying more and more for the privilege of watching interminable commercials and "repeats". The price kept increasing 5-6% per year with the general inflation rate only running around 1% or so. I though there was something wrong with Comcast's business model, at least as far as I was concerned.

Also, they kept on re-jiggering the channel availability packages.

I have found that "free" streaming programming, such as that available on C-Span and You Tube videos are enough to keep me adequately entertained. Also, I can see enough college and professional football games on broadcast television. Alas, my Astros are now only available to me on radio, but I console myself with their performance these last few seasons. I haven't missed much.


Jerry and Irma Harris

Laura, we recently installed an indoor antenna we purchased for about $45 at WalMart in my daughter's home. She gets local channels only, but as most of the tv shows she enjoys are on network TV, she and her family are enjoying enough TV to entertain them for free now instead of paying $150 and up a month, which is better than no TV at all, which is what she had before. She is able to stay better informed with current events and weather now...and it costs her next to nothing....just electricity. As a single mother of 3, that's the right price!

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