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Gary Miller

Too predictable.
Doesn't take a good coach long to figure out what the Texans will do next.
The league need only to study game films to know how to defeat the Texans.
They have so much talent some things will work even when opponents know what to expect.


You are so right IHOG, they are just like their predecessors, the OILERS. They cut talent which then goes on to helps other teams win. Trenton Holiday,...use to be a Texan,...now he is with Denver,.as the most dangerous return man in the league! Jacoby Jones,... cut by the Texans a couple of years ago, went on to help Baltimore Ravens win a Super Bowl last year,..running a kickoff 105 yards for a TD.
Vonta Leach, All Pro Fullback and voted to 2-3 Pro Bowls with Houston, was allowed to be picked up by the Baltimore Ravens in 2011, and was a devastating blocker which allowed Raven running back, Ray Rice to be one of the most FEARED tailbacks in the NFL! A title which was formerly applied to Texan running back Arian Foster,...when Vonta Leach was blocking for him!
Another point,..Hall of Fame, Offensive Lineman, Bruce Matthews,who played for the Oilers, BEGGED the Texans to draft his nephew, Perennial All-Pro Linebacker, Clay Matthews, coming out of USC several years ago, but they elected instead, to go with a guy named Brian Cushing! Don't get me wrong, Cushing is good,....when he is not on Injured reserve! He is good, but he is no Clay Matthews!
Then there is Matt Schaub at QB! People are burning his jerseys in the streets in Houston now. To their credit, they should have been doing it a year or two ago! When other teams are going to mobile quarterbacks who can run for first downs when all receivers are covered, and throw the football a mile accurately,... Houston has loaded themselves down with a slow, old school QB who can only guide a team juxtaposed to taking a game over like a Wilson,...Brees,...a Rogers, or a Colin Kaepernick, and influencing a team to play at a higher level in crucial situations!
To make matters worse, such a mobile quality QB is already on Houston's Roster,..and they need only look to their bench and select one of two quarterbacks who are just sitting their wasting away, waiting for some other team to PLUCK them out of Houston in order to help them win a Super Bowl. Therein lies another problem, the coach!
Houston, from way back to their Olier days, seems to have an AFFINITY for hiring coaches who cannot get them to the promised land. Now I loved me some BUM PHILLIPS, but he could not get it done, and neither can Gary Kubiak!
The Texans have been very patient with Coach Kubiak, but if they are to win a Super Bowl,...they need a real coach,..someone like ex Pittsburgh Steelers Coach Bill Cowher or Former Dallas Cowboy Coach Jimmy Johnson, who are adept at recognizing and developing young talented players,...and not shipping them to OTHER TEAMS, making those teams better. They need a coach who will not because of friendship or sympathy keep "OLD RELICS" like Matt Schaub...on their rosters. The two coaches I mentioned above,..will cut their mothers,...if they were not producing and moving the team forward.

Gary Miller

I don't understand the problem.

Pro sports are intertainment programes. The Astroes were intertaining, the Texans are intertaining.
Both sell comercials which is what finances big contracts. Winning can increase the value of comercials but management won't get any of the increase.

Baseball, football and basketball should pay their entertainers the way Golf and Tennis do.
Pay them for what they do today, not for what they did long ago.

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