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sam dalton

No one even investigated at what he was carrying on him! Your all ignorant and instantly point fingers because hes a iranian. The objects he was carrying were earthen gems coated in resin to be used as a passive healing tool. Plenty of people use gems as a way to promote health, most naive americans know that i hope.
He was using ORGONE, NOT argon! ORGONE or (a scalar device) is a bunch of different precious gemstones and metals like copper or gold flakes placed into a resin mold, usually a pyramid shape, to create a passive healing aura tool. ITS A COMPLETELY INERT OBJECT!. No one even listened to his side of the story.

You place these orgone/scalar objects along areas of the planet that have high toxicity of EMF frequencies which pollute the area and make people sick without any one know it.

He was setup and thrown in jail and no one cares a bit. PATHETIC, no one knows a blasted thing about what happened and they just shout demeaning comments without understanding WTH this guy has been through, he never hurt any one and only wanted to help healing the area from harmful emf waves.
And now no one can find him, hes probably homeless or dead… :(


He has plenty to explain about who he is and what he does. He only wanted to help… And the system purposely took him down because he was at the wrong place at the wrong time and was intentionally setup to look like a criminal. The naive masses don’t know the first thing about how they are slaves to intentionally toxic chem-trail ridden skies and toxic emf polluting Cellphone towers.

Hey had no mask and no knife, the whole story was rigged…

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