Dickinson has some of the nicest high school sports facilities in the county. I always enjoy shooting at Sam Vitanza Stadium, the sidelines are spacious and the light is the best around.

The Gators didn't have much trouble with Clear Brook on Friday night; their offense worked quickly giving me plenty of opportunities to make photos. But as often happens, one of my best action shots of the game came from a play that ultimately didn't matter.

Clear Brook's Joseph Mobley intercepts a halfback pass thrown by Dickinson's Alec Randle and intended for Jordan Myers during the second quarter on Friday night October 18, 2013 at Sam Vitanza Stadium. The Gators defeated the Wolverines 37-19.

Canon EOS 1D Mark IV & EF 400mm f/2.8L IS USM; 1/1000th @ f/4.0 @ ISO 4000

Midway through the second quarter Dickinson was driving again after a big defensive stop. With the ball around their own 40-yard-line, quarterback Cameron Martin pitched the ball to Alec Randle who then launched a halfback-pass across midfield toward Jordan Myers in double-coverage. Clear Brook cornerback Joseph Mobley had a bead on the ball from the moment it was thrown and made a great interception.

However the Wolverines ensuing possession fizzled with a missed field goal making this turnover only a small speed bump for the Gators on their way to a 37-19 victory.

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