Here is something interesting: A bill popped up in the last days of the legislative session that would substantially change the way dune construction permits are granted on Galveston Island.

Note how the bill is worded so that it applies only to Galveston.

Two questions: Are there any views on how this would affect the public’s access to the beach? Does anyone remember this bill being requested by the city or discussed by the city council?

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Robert Zahn

So, is the bill posted online here?

Kevin Lang

Did you click on the hyperlink in the new article? It takes you to a page where you can download a PDF of the bill.

Bill Broussard

The bill does three things all too obvious:

First, without saying so directly, it establishes the official property line at 200’ mean high tide and just assumes that is the proper benchmark line from public to private. Never mind the gift of easement property, it establishes the line! That’s the important thing to notice.

Second: It places the financial maintenance on the Community or State so a governing agency has to pay something to get something or the threat is anyone can build right up to the Mean high tide line if they own the property. Of course, it fails to mention that the dunes actually protect the homeowner behind them much more than if they had no dune at all. For that level of protection/cost, the homeowners ought to be granting rolling easements

Third: It relegates the user of the public beach to the same status as a” trespasser”. That phrase in the bill so go read it!

In short, it solves all of the West Ends problems about public and private beach, open beaches act and the liability they may currently have for anyone who hurts or drowns themselves while using the private beach!

It does not change our current dune regulations, it Nukes them and a few other things too like Open Beaches.
I am always amazed at just how creative the lawyers and campaign donors are that live on the beachside of Galveston Its a creative way to get a big, free return while the rest of the Island still suffers under recovery from the storm.

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