Ecomet Burley, who resigned in a brokered deal as superintendent of the La Marque Independent School District, goes to the administration building to clean out his office.

Burley had been out of the office on leave for some time. The time when he was given to clean out his office apparently was in the separation agreement, which neither Burley nor the school board that ousted him is talking about.

So how does that information — the time when Burley will be at his office after being on leave for at least a week— get out so that Russel Washington, the former chief of the school district’s police department, can be there, with some acquaintances, to taunt him?

You’d have to guess someone on the school board leaked the information to the welcoming committee.

To this day, there are people on the school board who argue that Washington should be back on the district’s payroll. The rumors are all over town that they are trying to get rid of the current police chief, Timothy Fields, so that they can give Washington his old job back.

Unless you believe in amazing coincidences, you’d have to guess that someone used a public office to get information and provide it to some people who wanted to harass the superintendent as he was cleaning out his office.

What is a reasonable person supposed to make of this? Don’t you have to wonder about the people involved?

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Walter Manuel

Bingo Heber! "You’d have to guess someone on the school board leaked the information to the welcoming committee".

What else would anyone expect from the caliber of people that now sits on the LMISD school board?

Look up in the dictionary for the definition of the qualities of the LMISD school board members code of ethics and you will find it defined as such: crooked, double-dealing, improper, shady, unprofessional, unscrupulous, unprincipled, underhanded, immoral, etc, etc.

Anybody with any working brain cells knows that this was an inside job with the sole pupose intended for others to have their fun humiliating Mr. Burley and his wife while he cleaned out his office.

Well, I think that the mediator needs to be made fully aware of the actions of Mr. Washington and see that he does not deserve his job back as the school districts chief of police because his actions clearly demonstrate his ability to differentiate right from wrong.

This situation never should have happened in the first place, but I suppose none of these board members would see it that way nor will they probably share this information with the mediator when the time comes either?

Another good editorial Heber and once again you stated nothing but the facts! [thumbup]

Mike Meador

A REASONABLE PERSON? Are you just now finding out what too many in and around LaMarque know about those who want to control the school district to those who tried to take over the administration of the city of LaMarque?

The 'reasonable persons' decided a long time ago that when they became the majority rather than the minority, they would and could do whatever they wanted; hire, fire or replace those who had made what LaMarque schools and city had become in the past.

The 'reasonable persons' knew little of how to run and administrate a school district. The city of LaMarque was able to reconcile most of their problems and run the city, as can be seen in the last year. Not the school district.

The evidence of 'reasonable people' can be seen in the confrontation of the ex-superintendent and the LaMarque ISD chief of police to the ex-chief of police of the district and his cronies.
This shows why those who can get out of sending their child to the district are getting out.
This shows how the TEA should consolidate or eliminate the LaMarque ISD.

Ecomet Burley

Heber, you are right on target with this one. This is a new low for this group. I am not surprised that they would stoop so low. Many in this clan of outlaws were envious of Burley's contract, smarts, and courage. He stood up to them on more than one occasion. " A throne is established by righteousness". When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice, when the wicked bear rule the people mourn." MOURN La Marque ISD MOURN!!![sad]

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