In case you haven't heard, it's soccer season. Yes, in this cold, dreary, wet — did I say cold — weather, high school boys and girls are braving the elements to play the world's game.

It's absolutely crazy soccer starts in mid-January. I've been to games played on frost-covered fields with the wind chill way below freezing. I've hunkered in tiny pressboxes and huddled around small space heaters to watch a game in the dead of winter while 22 teenagers — and two benches of players — slowly catch a cold. I'm worried about cold fingers as I try to write and follow along with the action. I'm sure cold fingers are just a minor nuisance to the players as total bodies start to go numb.

No matter what kind of tights or sports undergear they wear, those athletes have to be frightenley frigid. Remember, there's not much to a soccer uniform. Is a small shirt and shorts. Yes, shorts. Do you don shorts in January?

Pirates move to Houston

In another soccer-related note, the Pirate SC semi-pro team has announced it is leaving Galveston and heading to Houston to become the Hurricanes. It's too bad the island is losing the club, but nobody really cares. And that's the whole point the organization left — nobody here cared.

Why stay when you have to play your games at a middle school on front of maybe 50 people in the stands? It just didn't work in Galveston.

Will the move to Houston be better for the organization? Probably, but I doubt there will be an outpouring of support. This isn't the MLS. The Houston Dynamo have a great following, and they've also had a log of success and a brand new stadium this year. The Hurricanes are a minor league team playing a sport that is popular worldwide, but in the United States is a sport geared to our youths.

Goodbye, Pirate SC. You've walked the plank.

Good luck, Hurricanes. Don't blow it.

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