Ahh, the temperatures are cool, the sky is blue and pollen is coating my car. That can only mean one thing. Opening Day for the Houston Astros is almost upon us.

It's a pretty momentous opener, too. After 51 seasons of doing battle with the likes of the St. Louis Cardinals, Los Angeles Dodgers and Atlanta Braves, the Astros are moving over the American League and that means lots of adjustments.

First, we have a whole new group of teams to learn to loathe. That takes a lot of effort, folks. Trust me, nobody falls out of bed in the morning and says, "Geez, I hate the Kansas City Royals to my core."

Second, there is that designated hitter thing. I still think it's a passing fancy, but after 40 years, I think it's a fad that is here to stay. Like socks.

Third, going to the AL is not going to help the team in the win column. The AL West is one of baseball's best divisions and the Astros are in a rebuilding mode. I have a friend who is absolutely, positively convinced Houston will lose 120 games this season.

He's one of those friends you don't listen to, especially because then you find yourself not looking forward to Opening Day.

No matter the weather, it is a beautiful day. The hot dogs smell better, the popcorn is fresher and the peanuts shuck easier.

It is a day of hope and optimism and shouldn't be missed.

To that end, we'll be out there looking for Galveston County folks. If you're going to be out there, too, give me a call at 409-683-5242 or drop me a line at john.delapp@galvnews.com and let me know where you'll be sitting. I'd like to stop by and hear what you think.

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love my island

Dynamo are right next door and they are winners.

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