I decided to get some new running shoes. Not because I needed them, but because I wanted to look good when I cut the grass this weekend.

See, the natural progression of sneakers for me is this: First, I have a pair that I use when I'm running or for sports in general. When it comes time to get new shoes for athletics, the original pair become my knock-around shoes.

When the second pair of sports shoes needs to be replaced, the cycle continues and knock-arounds become the grass-cutting shoes.

My yard work sneakers have been looking pretty ratty, so it was time to retire them. Thus, I had to get new running shoes.

The rule of thumb on replacing shoes is after you have used them for 300 or so miles. Don't wait until the cushion is all worn out, because that is just asking for trouble. You'll find yourself having foot and leg pain and it's not a lot of fun.

Anyway, back to the grass-cutting thing. Looking good is pretty important when you are trudging behind a lawn mower, that's why you have to be careful when you buy the running shoes. Those neon green shoes will look really spiffy out on the road, but pretty dorky when you're cleaving the meadow that is your front yard.

I ended up going simple. The new running shoes are some grey New Balances. There is some green and red trim on the sole to make me look zippy while in their first use, but not woefully out of touch in their later lives.

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