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Robert Buckner

Perhaps the author of that article didn't research the Coog's season history as Jim Levesque did. I predict a close game but with an LM victory.

James Griffin

Buck, maybe the writer of the article has a serious drinking problem. After we win, he'll call it an upset.. Cannot blame a man for trying to stay employed.

Kevin Walker

The Rattlers from Navasota, ranked 99 Nationally and #13 in the state, and by many said to be the finest 3A team ever assembled face La Marque and CoogNation for the right to go to the "ship. On paper "they" say we are 21 point underdogs. Whew !

But in case no one has ever heard, you better go ask somebody. In our hearts and minds we remember the story of the little ruddy kid who faced the largest man ever seen dressed in his war clothes, who scoffed at the kid facing him with nothing but his faith and a slingshot, who said "who is this coming at me with a spear and a shield?" To break it down further, what he was saying was I don't care about your rep, it's on.

LM's got such a warrior or two or more. Mr. Allen is one who says let's see what those accolades and stats gets you tonight. Mr. Parker too and Mr. Montegut and on and on.. Roy Jones Jr. was one of the best boxers in history until he got hit. He went years without losing a round until.

James Griffin

Kev, for a minute, I thought you were talking about President Obama!! The polls said it would be a close election, but it turned out to be a landslide!! lol Naaa.. I agree with everything that was said. They said the same thing about St. Pius, didn't they? They said that passing attack with that D-1 bound QB would run LM crazy. No one told them about those bagels we've been passing out like free lunch, have they?? They will know once the Nation rises up and grabs them by the throat and remind them that this game is not played on paper or in the press. Where are the SMACK TALKERS?? I haven't heard from any of them since the GDN went to this new format. Oh well, we have to go on without them. GO COOGS!!! WHOOSH!!

Gary Miller

If "If" was a touchdown LM would be #1. If a reciever hadn't run the wrong way more than once LM would be #1.
If everyone understood being #1 has no value this story would not be printed.


Country boys! Baa! Let me tell everybody what I think of country boys..[censored]

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