By this time the shedding of tears and rending of flesh over the Texans' 28-16 loss to Indianapolis should be past and it is time to look ahead to the playoffs.

Yes, I said look ahead because the Texans are not only going to win this week, but win big. Like 24-14 big.

Yes, Cincinnati is good, but the Bengals aren't that good. They are coming into the playoffs on a 3-0 streak, but over that run they've beaten teams that are a combined 22-26. They're hardly world-beaters.

This not a whitewash of the Texans' sad, 1-3 limp to the finish line. They are playing poorly and there's no two ways about it. But there are some bright spots. Ok, somewhat faint bright spots.

Against the Colts, Matt Schaub threw for 275 yards, Arian Foster picked up 96 yards on the ground and Andre Johnson caught 12 passes for 141 yards. Those are pretty solid numbers.

The Texans' defense is still anchored by J.J. Watt and Connor Barwin, who are big, mobile and probably a little bit angry that they're not getting a bye week off to rest up.

And let's not forget something else. The Texans are 12-4. That record should prompt rejoicing, not sadness.

The Bengals, meanwhile, are 10-6. They won't get their 11th win this season.

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