Even if every Texan agrees that the Texas barbecue is the best barbecue, there is little hope that every Texan will agree on where to find the state’s best barbecue.

Still, every five years, the writers at Texas Monthly try to do that anyway, by touring the state and sampling as many servings of meat they can stomach, before coming back and ranking their top choices.

The magazine took to Twitter yesterday to reveal its Top 50 Barbecue Restaurants. And, for the first time in at least 10 years, the magazine chose a Galveston County business to be included among the best.

Leon's World's Finest In & Out Bar-B-Que, located at 5427 Broadway, Galveston, was the only local restaurant to be included on the magazine’s list. No county restaurants were on the magazine’s 2008 or 2003 lists.

According to the magazine, restaurants were graded on the quality of three meats, a couple of sides and a dessert, as well as things like setting, service and history. The details of Leon’s high grade haven’t been released yet, but you can bet the brisket had something to do with it.

While it is still in the running for the best in Texas, there might be some debate of whether it’s even the best on the island. On some online forums, Queen's Bar-B-Que, located at 3428 Stewart Road, is ranked in ahead of Leon’s. (The Galveston bureau of The Daily News is split in its loyalties, though we concede that more research may be necessary.)

Tomorrow, Texas Monthly will reveal which of the top 50 barbecue joints it thinks is best, and it not out of the realm of possibility that Leon’s could come out on top. In 2008, the magazine chose Snow’s, a little-known Lexington eatery, as its favorite spot, beating out some of the most loved and well-known restaurants in the state.

The magazine is accepting complaints on Twitter, marked with the hashtag #blasphecue. Meanwhile, you can leave your choices for the best barbecue in the county below.

Let the debate begin.

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Looks like they didn't even bother hitting up the "Golden Triangle"...

GISD Communications

I love Leon's (esp. the brisket), but when it comes to Queen's, there's two words that does it for me: Turkey. Cliffhanger.

Steve Fouga

I hope readers will respond to this article with their recommendations. I've now lived in the county for over a year, and I'm still looking for a primo BBQ house. Leon's definitely has a lot going for it, but I'm surprised at such a high rating by Texas Monthly.

My personal favorite BBQ in Galveston County isn't even from a BBQ house: it's the BBQ ribs at Sunflower Bakery on the Island. The sides are excellent, too. Unfortunately the ribs plates are specials, not on the daily menu.

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