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Gary Miller

“It is hard for me to think that trees in general could be bad for the island,”
Trees are never a problem for those who get paid to plant them. The problem is for whomever has to care for them. Water, pruning, fertilizer soon cost more than planting.
The older and bigger they get the more their care involves and the less likely they will do what the planting expected. Interfering with sewer systems, sidewalks and power lines is more common than reported.
Glenn Taylor, head of Hortaculture @ OU, made what I consider the best statement about trees.
"Any tree in the wrong place is just a big weed that's hard to get rid of" Chose wisely where and what kind you plant.

Steve Fouga

"Loopstra said that while she prefers other species over the live oak being planted by the conservancy, she had never heard of their roots ruining pavement."

It's hard to fathom that an A&M tree expert has never heard of their roots ruining pavement. However, I think she's on the right track about there being better species than live oak for the Galveston environment.

Lars Faltskog

Yes, to "choose wisely" is a must. While I think oaks, by and large, have proven to eventually meet their ill fate - planting one and hoping that it look decent for 3 decades or so isn't a terrible thing.

However, even a novice Landcaping 101 student at the local community college or a weekender who dabbles in "gardening" once or twice a year - visiting Home Depot - ought to have sense enough to know not to plant a tree that will likely eventually get large near sewer pipes, or immediately near a sidewalk.

Those foul-ups and bad decisions shouldn't be blamed on the NeighborWoods program. As far as an unauthorized renter planting a tree on his/her landlord's property without permission...all the landlord has to do is get a shovel, dig up the little sapling, plant it somewhere else appropriate (or give it away). Then, evict the good-for-nothing tenant. Not rocket science, and not the worst of "crimes".

Now, all you gun-snappy homeowner folk: don't go out with your rifle to your renter or the NeighborWoods people and threaten them if they try to plant in your yard. Just tell them to leave, or get your landscaper to pull it up when they go. LOL

GW Cornelius

Wasted time, wasted money , wasted trees. Really dumb idea!

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