During Tuesday's special city council meeting, Mayor Lewis Rosen read a statement regarding a Daily News report on the city's potential challenges to public housing on the island.

In the statement, which was handed out to the media as he spoke, Rosen said that the newspaper's article put $100 million of federal disaster recovery aid at risk. The article revealed the contents of a legal opinion written by a law firm that was hired by the council by a majority vote in March.

"If Galveston goes bankrupt over this, everyone of this Island should know where the point the finger," Rosen wrote. "Not at the City Council for trying to do what is best for Galveston, but at irresponsible individuals trying to sell papers at the expense of the Island's future."

Mayor Blasts Paper

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David Schuler

Democracy would be better served if there was a way to 'get your vote back'. Alas, there is not. Kudos to the Galveston Daily News from a paid subscriber.


Mayor Rosen, the Feds and the State of Texas asked (then demanded) you and the council a100000 times to cut this nonsense out, now you want to blame GDN, HA!

Gary Miller

BHO's DOJ used illegal search warrants to charge a reporter with a crime for accepting information from a government official having no authority to release the information.
Who is the criminal? The reporter doing his job or the government official leaking classified information? OR the DOJ of the BHO regime?
This sounds like a simular deal.
Someone in the Rosen administration leaked something to GCDN being hid from the public.
GCDN did it's job of informing the public.
If there is harm who is to blame?

Steve Fouga

I'm re-posting from another thread:

IMO the City absolutely MUST understand its options for fighting public housing. It's a position supported by the people who elected the current mayor and council, and for them to do less would be to betray public trust. (Whether an actual majority of citizens oppose public housing is another question, but those who voted do.)

However, the study should have been entirely in the open, or else scrupulously kept secret -- which is apparently impossible in Galveston. It would have been far better, months ago, for the City to simply announce "We are studying legal options to oppose public housing. We are also studying the best approach for moving forward with public housing. Since it's still unclear which is the best path for Galveston's future, we're studying both."

As for the newspaper's actions, they certainly fall within the realm of typical investigative reporting. If a City employee leaked the information, the City's beef is with that employee, not the paper. I say good job, GDN!

And about the mayor and council's propensity for behind-the-scenes maneuvering, I fully understand the need for secrecy -- it's often the most important tactic in a well-laid-out strategy. But it needs to be used seldom and expertly. This particular group doesn't seem especially practiced.

I guess this means 53rd Street won't get fixed after all?...

GW Cornelius

GDn has always tried to micro manage the city . Now that they are cought with their hand in the cookie jar thay try to blame someone else.

Steve Fouga

Have they ever done a good job of micromanaging the city? Now would be a good time to do it! The city needs micromanaging!

Bernadine Perry

I see a comedy play emerging! What does this mean as far as the GHA Board, were they in on any of this, since they were appointed by the Mayor of Gal.

Paula Flinn

The Mayor and the City Council led us, the citizens of Galveston, to believe that they were co-operating with the GLO in order to receive the money that Galveston is due.

Now we find out that in Executive Sessions, they are still exploring options that the GLO has repeatedly turned down. It is a betrayal to portray yourselves willing to co-operate in public while in private discussing ways to subvert or change the rules.

Kudos to the GCDN for their reporting which is shining the light on the truth. There are too many Executive Sessions and too many secrets.

GW Cornelius

Sounds like the Mayor is doing what he was elected for. Protect the city and do the best job he can. To bad Beeton and Pappous can't say the same.

Gerhard Meinecke

My goodness, people, this is basic! How can we be so brazen and expect governmental transparency. After all why do people get into politics. That old myth of Public Service!

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