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Kevin Lang

I thought the plan to share the UP tracks was a Heavy Rail project using locomotives and passenger cars, similar to Amtrak, but without the sleeper capability.

Anyway, if the horizon could be as close as 5 years, that qualifies, in government-speak, as soon. I think the nearest horizon would have to be more than 10 years out to qualify as "not anytime soon".

Penelope Mcfadin

Those just sound like excuses to me. The GHH track between Houston and Galveston is still under it's old 1850s Passenger Rail charter from what I've read so Union Pacific may not have a choice. As for the price tag, $800M is nothing compared to a lot of other less useful projects many will cheerfully fund like sports stadiums etc. And the "No one stepping up" excuse is just that, an excuse. If they wanted to make it happen, it would happen. They are dragging their feet.

Kevin Lang

I wonder if this would be subject to the same hoop-jumping that Sen. Whitmire convoluted in order to thwart MetroRail expansion? If so, then I'd guess that this would pretty much be DOA in Austin if the state has to authorize anything.

Gary Miller

Why would the Island want an easier way tp get off the Island?

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