The city has released color-coded map to remind voters about who, exactly, they will be voting for during this May’s election.

The interactive version of the map can be found here.

At first glance the map is a little intimidating. The key thing here is to ignore the gray lines and red numbers, in the case of the city council election they don’t matter. To turn those off, go to the blue bar at the top of the map, find the “layers” menu and unclick “voters precincts.”

Precincts won’t matter this year, because the city has hired the county to implement a county-wide election system. Under this system voters will be able to vote for their home-district race from any location in the county that is open on Election Day.

The color-coded district key should appear on the left side of the page when you click the link, but here’s the list just in case:

District 1 – Orange

District 2 – Blue

District 3 – Pink

District 4 – Yellow

District 5 – Red

District 6 – Green

Again, you can go here

(3) comments

Ellen Morrison

Actually, those links don't work, neither of them bring anything up.

Tim Thompson

Spell check, editing, check your work! The link is incorrect, instead of there being an http:// at the beginning it comes out as %20http//, which may have happened when the link was cut and paste into the article.

So, to get the correct link, replace %20http// with http://

or click on this link:

Tim Thompson

Sorry, you can't actually click on that link, you'll have to copy and paste it into a new browser window, but it does work, I was able to get the map loaded.

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