If mandatory federal budget cuts do take place this week, Texas will take big hits in military and education funding, according to a report released by the White House on Sunday.

The Obama administration released the report on Sunday night, highlighting how the mandatory budget cuts, also known as sequestration, would affect each of the 50 states.

According to the White House, Texas’ military bases would be drastically affected.

“Approximately 52,000 civilian Department of Defense employees would be furloughed, reducing gross pay by around $274.8 million in total,” the report said. The state’s army bases would lose $233 million, its Air Force bases would lose $27 million and the Navy would have to cancel scheduled Blue Angels shows in Corpus Christi and Fort Worth.

On the education side, the White House says that Texas would lose about $67.8 million in funding, putting 930 teacher and aide jobs at risk. Another 620 jobs would be imperiled by $51 million in education cuts for children with disabilities.

No Galveston County programs are specifically named in the White House's report, but sequester cuts would affect things like clean water grants, job assistance programs and funding for public health.

The full report can be read on the White House's Texas Fact Sheet.

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Mike Meador

Maybe this sequester will do away with LMISD......finally.

Gary Miller


How could BHO's sequester shut down LMISD? LMisd isn't a federal program. It's funded by state and local funding. Less than 7 %, according to liberal statements, of LMISD spending is from the Fderal Dept of Education.
It's just more of BHO's fear mongering.

Gary Miller

Do you believe BHO's lies about the effects of his sequester. Yes I said "his sequester:.
He pushed it through congress to get the debt limit increased. Then said he would veto any attempts to stop it. He owns it.
After he signed it Democrats increased spending by $100 billion. If BHO's sequester goes in effect spending will still be $15 billion higher than before he signed the sequester bill. With $15 more to spend why would any government programs be cut?
Most of the "disasters" he predicts aren't even supported by federal spending. They aren't in the federal budget. Teachers and first responders are are local or state funded.

Gary Miller

The federal budget is $3,600 billion.
The BHO sequester would cut the federal budget 0.3 % to $3,515 billion. $15 billion more than before BHO signed his sequester bill and said he would veto any attempts to stop it.
With $15 billion more to spend why would there be any shutdowns?
Because BHO has the authority to decide what or where the cuts are made. Only he can create "disasters".
If the Democrat controled Senate had passed a budget over the last four years none of this would have happened.

Kevin Lang

IHOG, if the Republicans are so smart about this budget thing, why haven't they taken the lead on how we're going to deal with these cuts? If there's a way to make these cuts without any job losses, service cuts, or other repercussions, the Republicans should be taking the lead. We've been hearing for decades that Democrats only know how to save, not cut, so why would you expect the Democrats to pass a budget?

I think the fact of the matter is that neither the Democrats or the Republicans is willitn to tackle the budget issues. Both sides know that they've promised that solving the budget problems will not affect their constituencies.

At this point, the Democrats are probably willing to let this happen because it will give them some of the Defense and Homeland Security cuts they've pushed for, while the Republicans will get some of the entitlement cuts they've been looking for. Democrats will then be able to tell people how bad Republicans are for beating up on the poor, the sick, the weak, and the elderly. Republicans will be able to say how anti-Defense and anti-Border Security the Democrats are.

It's all a big game from both sides, and a lot of us will probably go unscathed. However, many people will not be so lucky. Some of them will be good, hard-working, god-fearing conservatives. Some will be worthless liberals unable to afford the medications that keep them alive.

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