In May, The Daily News reported on a confidential memo sent to city attorney Dorothy Palumbo written by Dallas Attorney Terry D. Morgan about the ways the city may challenge the construction of scattered site housing on the island in the future.

After obtaining a copy of that memo, The Daily News reported on its contents. The story sparked threats of a lawsuit against the newspaer and a leak investigation at city hall

On Tuesday, District 5 Councilwoman Terrilyn Tarlton sent an email to her constituents containing a copy of the investigations conclusions. That memo also included a copy of the confidential Morgan memo.

In the investigation report, attorneys from Denton, Navarro, Rocha & Bernal concluded that despite the paper’s reporting on the original document, the Morgan memo remains confidential.

“Any release of the Morgan memo to individuals outside of the appropriate representatives of the City of Galveston (meaning municipal officers or employees) and its legal counsel is unauthorized,” the lawyers wrote.

At the end of its meeting on Thursday, Sept. 12, the council voted to make the investigation results public. Tarlton on Tuesday said she believed that vote encompassed the Morgan memo, but expressed doubt after being confronted with the attorney’s opinion.

“If I’m wrong, I didn’t mean to do anything that I wasn’t supposed to be doing,” Tarlton said.

Below is a copy of the Morgan memo.

Terry D. Morgan Memo to City Attorney Dorothy Palumbo

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Steve Fouga

Ms Tarlton does an excellent job of informing her constituents.

This document appears to be bad news for the Island, though I can't say I truly understand it. Apparently the City would have little chance of shifting the sites to the mainland. Seems like I've also seen a recent study showing that only a few locations on the Island even qualify for the scattered sites -- something about needing to place the sites only in relatively affluent neighborhoods with high-income and well-educated residents, like Cedar Lawn and Denver Court. Or maybe I read it wrong.

My suggestion is simply to never build the scattered sites -- obviously not a new idea!


Raymond Lewis

Cheers to Council person Tarlton. On the other hand, the city attorney thinks the public is too ignorant to know anything. She should have been gone.

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