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Steve Fouga

"Roof claims that paid parking on the Seawall violates the Texas Open Beaches Act by not allowing the public to freely access the beach"...

LOL! The beaches are packed! I've been on Seawall Blvd numerous times since paid parking was enacted. I'd say there are a FEW less parking spots filled than usual.

This is a pointless lawsuit. Or I guess the point is that Mr Roof lost the fight once, and he's not willing to give the idea a chance now that it's been implemented. Afraid it might be a success, and he'll look like a fool for opposing it to begin with. What a graceless tactic...

GW Cornelius

Roof as always has one foot on the ground and one in his mouth. People of Galveston voted it in State approved it. Time for roof to find another cause to make him look dumber than he is.

Steve Fouga

I'm relatively new to Galveston, but I've followed the politics for awhile. When Mr Roof was running for mayor, I liked a lot of what he said.

What I don't like is his grandstanding. Once a decision is made, why not roll with it for awhile? Then, if it turns out to be a bad decision, that's the time to say, "Told you so; here's my better idea."

George Croix

Another government professor at a junior college? Nah. Just a coincidence...
Anyway, this caught my eye:
"...that the program discriminates “on the basis of income and credit worthiness”;
I'm not a government or an economics professor, but I think discriminating means to prevent someone from getting or doing what they otherwise deserve to get or do.
Since when does anyone have a right to an income, or to good credit, or, for that matter, a smart phone?
Must ALL things be done in such a manner and at such a cost that no one is excluded under any circumstances? That would mean no regulations or rules and no charges or fees. Ever. For anything.
Next thing, there'll be lawsuits by people with no change to put in parking meters in other locations. Coin deficiency discrimination.
Wait for it. It'll come.

Leonce Thierry

I would not be surprised if the Texas Supreme Court ruled in his favor of Mr. Roof.

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