Former Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison appeared on Comedy Central last night to promote her new book and chat with Jon Stewart about the current state of Congress and about Texas’ current leadership.

Hutchison, who was born in Galveston and grew up in La Marque, began her interview with an anecdote from her new book, Unflinching Courage: Pioneering Women Who Shaped Texas. Hutchison related the story of Jane Long, the Maryland woman sometimes called the “Mother of Texas”, who lived on the Bolivar Peninsula alone in 1820, after her husband was killed while attempting to seize land from Mexico with a private army.

“People tried to come and take her to civilization. She stayed there by herself, had the baby by herself, “ Hutchison said. “That fierce independence has really passed through the generations.”

Stewart went on ask Hutchison about her replacement in the US Senate, Sen. Ted Cruz, to whom the show had devoted a long segment on earlier in the night, mocking the freshman senator for antagonizing other members of Congress and for his prospective run for the presidency.

“He’s a bright person. I think that he is very committed to his cause of trying to keep America free,” Hutchison said.

“Everything you said could have described Lex Luthor,” Stewart replied.

In the full interview, Hutchison also talks about cooperation between parties and Congress.

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Kay Bailey Hutchison

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Alba Collins

On the show, she said repeatedly that Jane Long was living in Galveston, not Bolivar Peninsula, which makes me wonder how many of her "facts" in the book are true. If she though Bolivar was too obscure to reference, she could have said it was NEAR Galveston. If you've been to Bolivar's Jane Long Festival, it's pretty clear she wasn't on the island.

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