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Definitely a waste of money. I think that the City Council needs to not schedule their affairs near meal times. They should eat at home or on their own dollars. In addition, I am appalled that very few of the meals were healthy. What a message to send- run for the city council and let's get fat together. Time for a new mayor, anyway. I voted for him.What a mistake on some many fronts. Maybe we need Lyda back in there. At least she did some positive things for the city.

Lars Faltskog

Righty right you are, rah. The council that eats together gets fat together. What a bad example these folks set. Not only is it desirable and ethical for an organization to discourage excess waste, but it's also healthier and less expensive to regularly "brownbag" it. Also, everyone knows that very little to no work is ultimately accomplished when an organization takes long lunches, and makes food the main ritual of the day. We, in addition, all know that the most productive people bring their lunch from home and take no more than 30 minutes to use that allotted time to simply nourish and re-energize.



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