Irwin M. "Buddy" Herz, an attorney who chairs the Galveston Housing Authority board, won't be meeting next week with officials of the Texas General Land Office.

Here's the text of a letter Herz sent Thursday in a response to a letter the land office sent Wednesday evening signed by Jorge Ramirez, senior director of Disaster Recovery Program.  

Dear Jorge,

As Chairman of the Galveston Housing Authority ('GHA"), I am in receipt of  a copy of your letter addressed to Mayor Lewis Rosen, dated April 10, 2013.

Your letter provides an  invitation to me, as Chairman of GHA,  to meet with you on April 17, 2013 at 3 PM in Austin to discuss the GLO/GHA contract---although the letter also indicates additional matters for discussion which do not pertain to GHA. Those additional matters appear to be solely and only between the City of Galveston and the GLO.

Unfortunately, I am unable to attend this meeting 

As you are aware, my agreement to serve on the board of GHA is purely voluntary and without compensation. I agreed to accept appointment solely as an act of public service. I have practiced law in Galveston for 48 years and I have two (2) board meetings that morning which have been scheduled for at least four weeks. I do not believe that the meetings will be over until early afternoon.

However, I will check with the GHA Vice Chairman, Tony Brown, to see if he could attend in my place.

Yours Very Truly

Mayor Lewis Rosen told The Daily News Wednesday he thought land office officials should come to Galveston.

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