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Some time ago, my family and I had dinner there and the food was not fresh and the place was dingy.

Lynn Leonhardt

Food was cold, egg rolls where burnt. Personally, Qing Qing is the Best in Texas City,

Carlos Ponce

The people I knew who loved Fortune were smokers because smoking was allowed. As for me, I've tasted better Chinese elsewhere.

Maggie 69

During those last few months the food deteriorated. Many people complained of stomach issues some even suffered food poisoning. I will be there to sample the food at the reopening, staying pessimistic, but still whooshing them the best.

Chris Gimenez

In my opinion it was Chinese junk food. Cheap and cheap tasting.

Gary Scoggin

I liked it okay. Glad it's coming back

George Croix

Same parking, too, no doubt.
No thanks.
Just not enough room for a 4x4 Ford PU without getting the doors dinged up by idiots with no consideration for others.

Harry Allen

Though I hadn't eaten there in a couple of years since moving from the area, the food was always consistently good there through 2004 or 2005. Portions were large and it was a good value. I am glad to see them open again!

Carol Voight

Well I think the question of whether or not it was missed was answered yesterday. It was packed all day long and they ran out of food by about 7pm. I didn't go yesterday, but will try to sometime this week. Happy they are back in business!

Randy Chapman

Hopefully they will keep hot food hot, and cold food cold, thereby avoiding the former stomach aches. It was really a dive when it closed. Maybe they learned their lesson. Personally, Qing Qing is a little more expensive, but it is better and it never made me sick.

Spudnut One

Got some take-out fried rice and eggrolls (my favorite dish before they closed few months ago).Sadly to say, the food was terrible. Couldnt eat the fortune cookie either! They were old and stale. My guess is the cookies were old stock when they closed last year.maybe the rice was also old. Never had food from there before that was unfit to eat

Paul Steele

This establishment is not friendly in my experience, especially the Dragon Lady, normally in hostess area, DO NOT LIKE the place.

Andy Aycoth

Best Chinesse food to be had in Galveston county .

Donald Roccaforte

Used to eat there regularly. Food was always consistently good. Loved their Won Ton Soup and their Fried Rice was fantastic. Service was always good. No longer the case for any of the above. The fried rice looked like Cajun Jumbalaya and the taste was terrible. Service was horrible. Order was wrong. Soup and fried noodles came after the meal was delivered. Tea glass was always empty and had to beg for more. Asked for extra ice twice and never received it. Will not go back again. I have a feeling the current rush and crowd will die down once everyone cycles through the establishment once, because I doubt many will return.

Andy Aycoth

They will get it together and be as good as before. The Dragon lady told me so !

Donald Roccaforte

I personally hope they do, because I used to enjoy eating there. I always looked forward to that fried rice.

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