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Steve Fouga

20-30 years ago, Luby's was one of my favorites. Then it seemed like their prices skyrocketed and their quality diminished. Most regular patrons in my circle felt the same. So I quit going, and haven't been back. I was told a change in ownership had caused the decline.

Anyone out there still going to Luby's? Is it good? I'd enjoy some cafeteria food if it were good and reasonable. Opinions on Luby's?

Joel Martin

I stopped at one last year. Food was good but the price was sky high.

George Croix

The last Luby's I ate at was in College Station, and the food was as lousy as the mess that Cracker Barrel serves and calls food. The prices were on par with a full service restaurant, and the place looked like it had just been cleaned...a couple months earlier.
It closed this past April.
The last time I ate at the one in Conroe it was great, if a bit high.
Go figure...

Miceal O'Laochdha

The Luby's on 61st was once a regular stop for my family, at least once every 2 weeks. We will be happy to see a return, if it fits the usual Luby's model.

Just like the long-gone Wyatt's, Luby's could be relied upon for an easy and quality meal quickly, for those whose day was too full to spend time cooking and cleaning or a lengthy visit to a regular restaurant. I suppose this service is now fulfilled (for those who do not care what kind of dung they ingest) by the infamous "fast-food drive thru's" that plague our communities Coast-to-Coast and infect the world beyond.

Jeff Smith

Does this mean I can get a Luann Platter of Fudfries?? Luby's has passed it's heyday and rebranding probably won't help. Overpriced and under-seasoned.

Paul Steele

Tried New Luby's and the food was salty, Never been to Fuddruckers in years due to high price for low quality burger.

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