I’ll be on vacation until May 27, but I thought I would ask readers to keep the buzz going. (I will have a Biz Buzz column for Tuesday that's filled with some pretty tasty tidbits.)

If you have buzz or questions I can try to answer on my return, please feel free to post them on this blog. Or maybe fellow readers will have answers for you.

Please, talk amongst yourselves. I look forward to reading any buzz items, questions or comments you might post.

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Steve Fouga

Well, it's been 5 days with no comments, so I'll start:

What's the best burger in the County, or at least your part of the County? Personally I'm most interested in the Island, but I'm willing to drive for a good burger.

My favorites (tie) are at Farley Girls and Number 13 on the Island.

Lars Faltskog

Well, I don't frequent much on new places (I'm a creature of habit)...so I don't have much to contribute. It is fun to read what's new and happening. All my FAV burger places are gone...no more Charlies, no more place on 26th and Broadway (I forgot their name).

So, I might have to try something new after all. Whataburger and Jack in in the Box can get old.

Kevin Lang

Well, sverige1, we'll soon have a NEW McDonald's in East League City (on League City Parkway), and a NEW Whataburger in Kemah on 518. If you hurry, you can eat their burgers before they get old :-)

Pretty soon, I may have to go back into a best burger search project. If I can get my mileage up, I might be able to eat a hamburger more than once a quarter...

Lars Faltskog

aaargh!!!! Well, at least they're not NEW Chick-Fil-A-s that you mentioned above.

Kevin Lang

If I see one going up, I'll make sure to let you know! [beam] I'm sure you'll be the first one in line--15 days before they open :-)

Steve Fouga

Lars, we're about to get a Burger King on Broadway, and my wife can hardly wait -- LOL! If I never have another Whopper, it'll be too soon. Give me a one-off restaurant any day.

I'm looking forward to trying Carlosponce's El Sombrero. I hope they serve independents there. I'll keep my mouth shut and maybe they won't notice.

Carlos Ponce

Best hamburger in Galveston County: Try the Cheeseburger Deluxe at "El Sombrero"
9302 Hwy 6 Hitchcock, TX . Oh, and they have excellent Mexican food too!

Steve Fouga

Google Maps street view shows the parking lot jammed! Lots of folks must agree with you, Carlos...

Miceal O'Laochdha

severidge1, we have a point of agreement! The loss of Charlie Burgers is tragic and nothing will fix it. Never get an ice cold draft Pearl at Streeter's again either...

So considering that, I must voter for Sonny's, if only because Junior is still there.

Truth to be told, the Pressbox makes a pretty darn good burger as well, and patronizing Rudy keeps the money in traditional Island hands, too.

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