Name: John P. Herrmann

Age: 60

Occupation: Professional Environmental (Chemical) Engineer, licensed in Texas

Campaign website or social media site: 

Elected offices held (with years of service):

City Councilman and Mayor, City of Webster 1988-1994

Q: Are you a legal resident of the district you are seeking to represent?

Yes __X___ No _____


234 Driftwood Drive

Taylor Lake Village

Q: Have you ever been charged or convicted of a felony crime? If you answer yes please explain.

Yes _____ No __X____


Q: Have you ever sued a public entity or been sued by one? If you answer yes, please explain.

Yes _____ No __X____


Q: Do you have any other debts (including unpaid taxes) to a public entity? If yes please explain.

Yes _____ No __X____


Q: Will you have your home phone number listed in the phone book or your mobile number listed for the public to contact you directly?

Yes__X____ No_______

I will have my e-mail address readily accessible and I am committed to responding to every e-mail.

Q: Why should voters choose you?

A:As an engineer, I bring an analytical capability to evaluate alternatives conscientiously.  As a public servant and with my experience as a consultant, I bring active listening skills with a focus on customer service and consistently exceeding the customer's expectations.  And with my experience as a volunteer coach and Little League umpire for over 10 years, I bring a love for helping children learn, but even more importantly, to teach them how to win and how to lose  - and how to keep playing the game.   

Q: What are your specific qualifications for the position?

A: I hold a Bachelors degree from Texas Tech and a Masters degree from Georgia Tech, both in chemical engineering.  I am a licensed professional engineer and have worked in the public and private sectors as a senior program and project manager.  I am accustomed to carefully evaluating problems, acquiring pertinent data, developing alternatives and making cost-effective decisions.

I served the City of Webster as council member and mayor.  During this period, Webster adopted its city charter. I successfully led negotiations with TxDOT that resulted in the NASA-1 bypass - which saved our downtown district. 

Q: What are the issues in this campaign?

A: The primary issuing facing students: Are they being taught the right things that will help them fulfill their dreams and to become productive members of our community?

The primary issuing facing parents: Can we maintain local control of the curriculum so what students learn in school complements the values taught at home?

The primary issue facing taxpayers: Are we getting value for our hard-earned tax money and why do we need a $367 Million bond?

The primary issue facing teachers: Is the compensation package reasonable and attract and keep the best teachers. Do teachers have the flexibility to teach the subject matter with minimal bureaucratic red tape?

Q: What is your platform on those issues?


I support enhanced vocational education opportunities for non-college bound students. We should focus on developing those skills that will most help them find good jobs.

Parents need greater opportunities to influence the curriculum and should have greater opportunities, in terms of vouchers, charter schools, and home school.

The bond proposal is excessive; with principal and interest it nearly doubles current indebtedness of almost $1 Billion. CCISD needs to outsource more non-educational activities.

Teachers need to have a fair compensation package based on performance and more flexibility standardized testing needs to be de-emphasized.

Q: How many children do you have attending CCISD? How many have attended in the past? If your children do not attend CCISD are they home schooled or private school?

A: My younger son graduated from a CCISD high school last year.

Q: Do you favor the proposed bond referendum? Why or why not?

Yes______ No___X____

A: The bond proposal is excessive, and appears to mix O&M and classic brick and mortar type construction and infrastructure improvements. The bond mixes a wide variety of projects and programs, and appears to be an attempt to augment funding that would traditionally be O&M expenditures.

The excessive tax rate, coupled with almost certain inflation pressures and rising home values within the next few years, will place a significant strain on home and business owners.

Other means of raising funds for certain projects, particularly those related to athletic support, should be carefully evaluated before subjecting us to excessive taxation.

Q: If you support the bond proposal, what assurances can you give that the money will be spent wisely? If you do not support the bond proposal, what alternative do you propose to meet the needs of the district?

A: CCISD’s primary justifications for the bond are associated with growth and inadequate, unsafe facilities. Regardless of whether this is valid, CCISD should consider an impact fee type assessment on developers so that existing taxpayers are not unduly burdened on the continual need to build schools in high growth areas. Health and safety issues should always be our highest priority and not need to rely upon passage of bonds.

Q: How would you rate the leadership of the CCISD administration?

A: I do not favor making any significant changes in the management and administration until I have more information. I do value honesty, integrity, and transparency and those would be the criteria that I would use in evaluating performance. I am greatly concerned about the CCISD’s position for openly supporting for the Bond, and using CCISD resources to openly campaign for its passage. CCISD should be impartial and simply state facts and not respond to criticism.

The Superintendant appears to have been an effective leader, particularly considering the effects and recovery from Hurricane Ike.

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