Name: Louis Gill

Age: 87

Occupation: Retired supervisor-Champion Paper

Campaign website or social media site:

Elected offices held (with years of service): Served on Chamber of Commerce 6 years

City Council 26 years

Q: Are you a legal resident of the city you are seeking to represent?

Yes __X___ No __

ADDRESS: 1917 Sunset Dr Dickinson, TX 77539

Q: Have you ever been charged or convicted of a felony crime? If you answer yes please explain.

Yes __ No X_


Q: Have you ever sued a public entity or been sued by one? If you answer yes, please explain.

Yes _____ No __X___


Q: Do you have any other debts (including unpaid taxes) to a public entity? If yes please explain.

Yes __ No __X__


Q: Will you have your home phone number listed in the phone book or your mobile number listed for the public to contact you directly?

Yes __X___ No______

Q: Why should voters choose you?

A: I was a scoutmaster, served on Served on Chamber of Commerce 6 years, City Council 26 years and knowing how to work with people.

Q: What are your specific qualifications for the position?

A: Experience, Experience, Experience. Willing to work with others. Verteran of WWII, Honorable Discharge

Q: What are the issues in this campaign?

A: There are no issues

Q: What is your platform on those issues?

A: N/A

Q: How would you rate the management of the city administrator?

A: The management of the City of Administrator is very capable and doing a great job.

Q: How would you rate the city's work on infrastructure improvements: Poor, fair, about right or excellent? And why?

A: N/A

Q: What should Dickinson be doing to attract more business to the city?

A: I believe tax breaks would attract more businesses to the city.

Q: What should the city's economic development priorities be?

A: N/A

Q: County officials are considering asking the Festival of Lights to move to another park? Do you support that move? Why or why not and what would you do to address the request?

A: I guess the county have a reason, but I did not know about Festival of Lights, may be asked to move.

Q: Should the city consider a charter election to change its form of government to a council-manager system? Why or why not?

A: No, we have a home-ruled city and I think it is a great form of city government.

Q: What area of city spending would you want to see reduced and why?

What area of city spending would you support increasing and why?

A: We should review all spending in every department and find out if we can save money for the city. 

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