Mable Pratt

Name: Mable Pratt

Age: 69

Occupation: Retired teacher

Campaign website or social media site: 

Elected offices held (with years of service):


Q: Are you a legal resident of the district you are seeking to represent?

Yes ___X__ No _____ ADDRESS:

Q: Have you ever been charged or convicted of a felony crime? If you answer yes please explain.

Yes _____ No ___X___


Q: Have you ever sued a public entity or been sued by one? If you answer yes, please explain.

Yes _____ No ___X___


Q: Do you have any other debts (including unpaid taxes) to a public entity? If yes please explain.

Yes _____ No ___X___


Q: Will you have your home phone number listed in the phone book or your mobile number listed for the public to contact you directly?

Yes__X____ No_______

Q: Why should voters choose you?

A: Voters should choose me because I have spent 41 years in education and I love seeing students becoming the best they can be in this 21st century I was a successful school administrator for 25 years in Pasadena ISD and I was the principal of an exemplary/recognized school for 16 years which was 85% at-risk students!

Q: What are your specific qualifications for the position?

A: I have a proven record I can function as team member when dealing with issues and not personalities. I have proven record that I can respect the views of other board members that are different from mine and will be treated in a professional manner. My tract record shows that I will attend all meetings as scheduled and will be prepared. Past school board member in 1982-1994. I was president of the Association of School Boards, Gulf Coast Area 1989. And lastly, I was a trainer of school board members, for Region IV (1994-1995)

Q: What are the issues in this campaign?

A: Dropping enrollment and decreasing state funding. Board members not allowing the superintendent to do his job effectively. Poor communication with community organizations and business groups.

Q: What is your platform on those issues?

A:1. I think you should revisit the districts mission statement (2010-2014) 2. Develop cooperative relationships community members and news media. Board members should work on building a trusting relationship with the new Superintendent. Remembering that the board is as Policy Making body!

Q: Who has been most to blame for LMISD’s financial woes, the school board or the administration?

A: A combination of both, a lack of trust and not involving all work units in decision making in a timely manner.

Q: If elected what will you do to promote more transparency by the school board?

A: I will listen attentively to concerns of the community and encourage their input to the BOARD. And develop a relationship of trust with the superintendent.

Q: Do you support the LMISD solvency plan? Why or why not?

A: Yes , I support the solvency plan, I feel for the district to get out of the financial bind with the state and not raise taxes we need the personnel cuts recommended and consolidations of schools plus thinking creatively to find students and entice students to come back to LaMarque.

Q: What would you do to help increase enrollment at LMISD?

A: Promote exemplary programs, showcase teachers and students and their accomplishments, showcase programs for at-risk students and last encourage and promote community organizations to assist financially, creatively in implementing new programs for students.

Q: Would you support at this time the Texas Education Agency having direct oversight of the district’s operations?

A: No, I would not!

Q: What specific steps need to be made to address the district’s financial woes?

A: As many times you ask this question yiou will get different answers, however:

1. Evaluate large cost items: empty buildings, selling surplus land, leasing buildings out to area plants or organizations .

Q: What specific qualifications are you looking for in the next superintendent of LMISD?

A: Someone to think outside the box on programs that would attract new students!

Involved in the community every way possible.

Effectively execute policies adopted by the board.

Manage the administration of all district operations effectively.

Develop cooperative relationships with community and news media.

Someone who has come from a district with similar decreasing enrollment and state funding problems/solutions..

Q: Do you support the rehiring of former Police Chief Russel Washington? Why or why not?

A: I would have to review all information on the case beforing rendering a decision this issue.

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