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When just hiring any law firm is not enough... - The Galveston County Daily News: Professionals

October 25, 2016

When just hiring any law firm is not enough...

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Posted: Friday, June 7, 2013 12:00 am

The attorneys and staff of the Law Offices of Susan M. Edmonson take legal representation a step further by cultivating personal relationships with their clientele. 

One of the pluses in working with a small firm such as Susan’s is the personalized attention clients receive. No matter what the case, or the individual’s income, she and her staff work closely with each client to help them achieve their goals.

Located in both Galveston and Seabrook, Susan and her staff are here to help all of Galveston County with their many and various legal needs, and last summer, the firm was proud to celebrate their 25th year serving Galveston County!

With two locations, three attorneys and a helpful and knowledgeable support staff, the Law Offices of Susan M. Edmonson is ready to help you with all of your legal needs, including Family Law, Estate planning, Probate, Criminal cases and also provides mediation services. 


Divorce and Family Law

Texas law requires that the best interests of the children be considered in divorce. The Law Offices of Susan M. Edmonson adhere to that requirement as they strive to gain personal insight about each of their clients. 

Susan and her attorneys take time to get to know their clients and listen to their situations and concerns.

 They understand that child custody, child support and visitation rights are emotional issues; they vigorously protect the rights and interests of their clients and their children.

When you choose the Law offices of Susan M. Edmonson to represent you — you get a child custody attorney who is dedicated to avoiding nasty, expensive litigation.

 Instead, the family law lawyers focus on the interests of the children and an agreement that will be accepted and honored by both parents. 

She and the attorneys who work with her are familiar in every aspect of family law, including:

•  Divorce

•  Child custody

•  Child support

•  Grandparent issues

•  Adoptions

The law office has the perfect combination to provide effective counsel in divorce: personalized attention offered by a small law firm and more than 25 years experience in divorce settlement negotiations and courtroom litigation.

She and her team of attorneys work to avoid legal battles by fashioning creative solutions to match the clients’ problems. 

Regardless of the case or allegations, these formidable litigators will fight to protect the best interest of their clients.

They have experience in highly-contested custody disputes and are familiar with the division of large estates. 

All assets, including retirement accounts, property and spousal support, are taken into account when property settlements are negotiated.

Some of the attorneys in Susan Edmonson’s law office take appointments in Child Protective Service cases in which a parent is accused of abuse or neglect. 

They also assist couples in crafting prenuptial agreements to keep some assets separate after marriage.

Susan M. Edmonson is Board Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in the area of Family Law. Only 7,000 attorneys out of 70,000 have earned the right to be publicly recognized as Board Certified specialists in one of 21 select areas of law. 


Estate Planning

If you die without a will and you have a house or other significant property, the probate process in Texas is difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. However, for those people who have a will, probate in Texas is a simple and user-friendly process.

The estate planning attorneys of the Law Offices of Susan M. Edmonson offer a package of services that provide for your death, as well as illness or injury that may incapacitate you or your spouse during your lifetime. 

They can help you with services including wills, powers of attorney, living wills, probates of decedent’s estates, declarations of heirship, guardianships and name changes.



Probate is the legal process for transferring title to property after the death of the owner of the property. It is the culmination of the estate planning process and the method by which a person’s property is transferred to their heirs and beneficiaries. At The Law Offices of Susan M. Edmonson the attorneys and staff are skilled at helping families through this difficult transition period and in assuring the proper transfer of assets with the minimum amount of fuss.


Real Estate Law Issues

The Law Offices of Susan M. Edmonson can represent you in matters of real estate law which include issues such as eminent domain, contract negotiations, representation at real estate closings and drafting deeds, notes and deeds of trust. Whether you need help in purchasing, selling or refinancing your home, defending against a foreclosure or dealing with a difficult tenant or landlord, the attorneys at our office can assist you. 



Susan Edmonson is a native Galvestonian and a graduate of the University of St. Thomas and South Texas College of Law. 

She offers over 25 years experience as a family law attorney and has an equal amount of experience in probate and estate planning. 

Rebecca Murphy is a graduate of Texas Tech and The Texas Tech Law School and has been licensed to practice law for over 25 years. She practices family law and criminal defense and is a certified mediator.

After owning her own practice for six years and working at UTMB for seven years, Rebecca joined the Edmonson firm in 2007.

Emily Gelman is located in the Seabrook office and is very skilled in the practice of family law. Emily graduated from the University of Houston School of Law.


The Edmonson offices are located at 2501 65th Street, St. B in Galveston and 2833 Nasa Rd 1 in Seabrook. Visit www.susanedmonson.com for more information.