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Behrens Southern Comfort launches Medicaiddiapers.com - The Galveston County Daily News: Professionals

December 3, 2016

Behrens Southern Comfort launches Medicaiddiapers.com

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Posted: Friday, August 16, 2013 1:00 am

Behrens Southern Comfort Medical supply has launched a new website — Medicaiddiapers.com — focusing on incontinence, urology and diabetic supply mail order products.

 Each of these items are delivered to your door in, discreet,  plain brown boxes, so your privacy is protected. Use of this website allows you to contact Beherns Southern Comfort Medical Supply through the site, or if preferred, you can call directly. If you don’t have Medicaid, you can also visit the main website, which offers low everyday pricing and the same discreet delivery. For those requiring recurring orders, shipping is always free.

Incontinence Products

If you have Medicaid, you may qualify for:

• Up to two packs of wipes

• Up to 120 disposable bedpads

• Up to 240 briefs, pull-ups, or liners (or any combination of)

Urological Supplies

If you have Medicare or Medicaid you may qualify for:

• Indwelling Catheters (Foley-Type): 1 per month

When a specialty indwelling catheter or an all-silicone catheter is used, there must be documentation of the medical necessity for that catheter rather than a straight Foley-type catheter with coating. 

• Insertion Tray: one per month

• Urinary Bedside Collection Systems: 

- Bedside Drainage Bag: 2 per month

- Urinary Leg Bag, Vinyl: 2 per month

 • Intermittent Catheterization:

-Clean, Nonsterile Catheterization: 200 per month

• External Male Catheters: 35 per Month

• External Urethral Clamp/Compression: 1 every 3 months

Diabetic Supplies

Medicare and Medicaid both allow for supplies as needed.

• Home blood glucose monitors are covered if: 

1. The patient has diabetes (ICD-9 codes 250.00 - 250.93) that is being treated by a physician. 

2. The glucose monitor and related accessories and supplies have been ordered by the physician who is treating the patient’s diabetes, and the treating physician maintains records reflecting the care provided including, but not limited to, evidence of medical necessity for the prescribed frequency of testing. 

3. The patient (or the patient’s caregiver) has successfully completed training or is scheduled to begin training in the use of the monitor, test strips and lancing devices. 

4. The patient (or the patient’s caregiver) is capable of using the test results to ensure the patient’s appropriate glycemic control. 

5. The device is designed for home use. 

Voice Module

The voice module is covered if the patient meets the standard criteria of a blood glucose machine as stated above, and if the patient’s physician certifies that he or she has a visual impairment severe enough (i.e., best corrected visual acuity of 20/200 or worse) to require the use of the voice module. 

 • Test Strips (patients being treated with insulin injections): 100 per month

 • Test Strips (patients not being treated with insulin injections): 100 every 3 months

 • Lancets (patients being treated with insulin injections): 100 per month

 • Lancets (patients not being treated with insulin injections): 100 every 3 months

 • Alcohol Wipes: Medicaid Only

*Note: Per Medicare guidelines, insulin treated means that the patient is receiving insulin injections to treat their diabetes. Insulin does not exist in an oral form, and therefore patients taking oral medications to treat their diabetes are not insulin treated. 

Behrens Southern Comfort Medical offers a free Meter when you switch to their services, and they will call to notify you when you are due up for refills. If your not ready, they will wait for you. No hassle, no over-supply, no problems.

With their state of the art computer systems, you can be assured your order is delivered on time, every time, month after month. Have questions, feel free to give them at call at 409-621-1167 or stop by 2902 Avenue R ½  (just a block from the Seawall and 29th Street in Galveston).