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Head to Doreck’s to pick out a prime cut of meat for Father’s Day - The Galveston County Daily News: Hitchcock Santa Fe

October 21, 2016

Head to Doreck’s to pick out a prime cut of meat for Father’s Day

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Posted: Wednesday, June 11, 2014 12:00 am

If a Father’s Day cookout is on your to-do list, stop by Doreck’s Meat Market for the best and freshest cuts of meat! Their selection of meats includes steaks, sausage, roasts, briskets, ribs, their own beef jerky and more, everything the special man in your life could want.

Doreck’s also has gift certificates available that are perfect for Dad! 

Ready for summer?

The days are long and hot -- the perfect time for backyard barbecues. If you’re hosting a party for friends or just making a tasty weekend dinner for your family, stop by Doreck’s to pick out a prime cut of meat to throw on the grill.

At Doreck’s you can find an array of Rib eye steaks, T-bone steaks, sirloins, round steak, flat iron steak, chuck roast, cutlets, whole rib eyes, pork chops, country style pork ribs, pork spare ribs, hamburger, stew meat, fajita meat, sausage, jalapeño sausage, jalapeno and cheese sausage, pork pan sausage, boudin, summer sausage, lunch meats, cheddar (rat cheese), special cuts on request, chicken, freezer packs, hinds and half’s.

You can also check out the latest hot summer item, Doreck’s skinless, boneless chicken breasts, seasoned and stuffed with cheese and boudin, then wrapped in back.

Processing your meat

If you have your own meat, Doreck’s is also the place to go for deer, live game and livestock processing. 

Doreck’s has been processing deer meat for almost 40 years. They process only one deer at a time, so your meat will never be mixed up with someone else’s.

They can turn your venison into pan sausage, smoked sausage, steaks, roasts and many more cuts.

Doreck’s sausage is especially popular, Their own original recipe, the sausage comes in four flavors: regular, jalapeño, jalapeño and cheese, and hot. It is popular with cookouts, cook-offs and often purchased by organizations for events. 

Community matters

In September 1972, Jack and Nancy Doreck started providing goods for meals, cookouts and cookoffs for the Galveston County community.

Since 1994, Doreck’s has continued the tradition under the direction of Raymond and John Doreck with help from their sister, Laurie Hadley.

Doreck’s sells only USDA choice meats, which are a class above select meats that are typically sold in most stores, but their prices are still very competitive.

The friendly and knowledgeable staff strives to educate customers about the meats they are purchasing.

Doreck’s is state-inspected weekly to be sure that they are meeting strict guidelines and requirements, and they are also health inspected. This double-inspection results in clean and fresh environments and products.

In addition to fine meats, Doreck’s can supply tools necessary to deliver a meal to the table. 

The same brand of knives Doreck’s uses is available in the store, including butcher knives, saws for field dressing deer, slicing meats at a cook-off or in your own kitchen.

Giving Back

Doreck’s also belongs to Hunters For The Hungry. If you or any hunters you know do not want your deer, pay the small processing fee and Doreck’s will donate all meat and donations to local charities such as The Woman’s Crisis Center. Contact them for information on donating meat to a local charity.

Doreck’s Meat Market is located at 4101 Hwy 646 N. in Santa Fe. Hours are Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Call 409-925-6611 for more information.