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Get the water quality you want - The Galveston County Daily News: Coastal Communities

December 10, 2016

Get the water quality you want

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Posted: Wednesday, June 25, 2014 1:00 am

Drinking water should be an enjoyable, healthy experience for your whole family. If the smell, taste or color of your water is off, then you’re likely wasting hundreds of dollars a year on bottled water. No matter how bad your water is, Santa Fe Water Services can help give you the water quality you want.

They provide water services to Galveston, Harris, Fort Bend, Austin, Brazoria, Liberty, Chambers, Polk, Colorado, Wharton, Waller, Washington and Montgomery counties and more.

In addition to residential areas, Santa Fe Water also provides services to commercial locations, including restaurants and cafes in Galveston and Kemah, hotels, truck stops and convenience stores.

Water Purification

Urbanization and industrialization have brought many wonderful advancements to our cities and towns, but the cost of this has often been the downfall of our water supply systems.

Bottled water sounds like a good answer, but it is hardly convenient to run to the store every time you’d like a glass of water. And with 1,500 bottles of water being consumed every second in the United States, our landfills are overflowing with unnecessary plastic waste that actually leaches MORE toxins into our water supply.

Using reverse osmosis systems, Santa Fe Water Services can turn your foul tasting, smelly water into a salt-free, drinkable delight that is absolutely safe for your family and guests.

And the best part is that water produced by these purification systems costs pennies a gallon and is eco-friendly.

Water Softeners and Filters

If you’re tired of having spots on your dishes and shower, the answer is likely a water softener. These spots aren’t just unsightly, they are an indication that your water is working much harder than it needs to.

Installing a water softener will make your dishes sparkle, your clothes brighter, your water heater more energy-efficient, and your laundry and dish soap longer-lasting, as well as helping keep your pipes free of scale and buildup.

Water softeners remove calcium and magnesium from your water supply by filtering it through a resin softening medium. The system automatically self-cleans and requires little maintenance to continue running smoothly.

When your water has a poor odor or a rusty color, it’s hardly inviting to drink — or even bathe in. Santa Fe Water Services has the right systems to fix these problems, whether you need a chlorinator to clear the odor or an iron filter to remove rust from your water.

Family Owned and Operated

Santa Fe Water Services is a family owned and operated business that has been helping residential and commercial customers improve their water quality for three generations. The company was started by Edward Marek, who began his career in 1977 working for a Houston-based company.

When that business closed, Edward started his own water services company in 1988. Since getting his start in the water business, he still has many of the same clients, is still selling the same brands of products (all made in the United States), and still works out of his Santa Fe home.

In 2000, Edward was joined by his son, Leo, who retired from 22 years in the U.S. Army to help run the family business. Today, Edward’s grandsons, granddaughter and even great-grandson have joined the company to help keep clean water flowing for customers across the state.

When you choose Santa Fe Water, you get personal service for your home or business from technicians who know you and your water systems.

They will take care of any necessary warranty work on the systems they install, and if you opt for their one-year service contracts, you’ll have quarterly checks on your units, including filter changes and refills.

Sit back and relax with a refreshing glass of water while Santa Fe Water Services handles the rest.

Santa Fe Water Services accepts cash, checks and credit cards, and offers FREE water analysis. Call 281-337-4507 or 409-925-3089, email sfwater@juno.com, or visit them on the web at www.santafewaterservices.com.